At Home with Sam Marts

I interviewed Architect Sam Marts in January of 2015. He has lived in Chicago since 1974 and in his Bucktown home with his partner Nicolos since 1986. Sam and his partner refer to their home as the Dot house, named for Sam’s Aunt who left him money, which he used for the down payment on the home.

The Dot house is truly unique: it feels wonderfully whimsical yet ordered. Sam and Nicolos are collectors of things, which are displayed intentionally in their parlour. The house is filled with special nooks and carefully designed spaces. So, after completing the interview, I was not certain what I wanted to paint, there seemed to be many possibilities. When I listened back to the recording though, I was struck by the fact that Sam and Nicolos have made the kitchen and the kitchen table, the heart of their home. They eat breakfast, lunch and dinner, together at the kitchen table, using the space as a social center, desk, and dining space. This is apparent from the curated collection of cards and prints, paperwork being tended to and dining implements, which were on the table when I visited. Sam and Nicolos’ home struck me as a place which reflects their interests, and is sized to allow them to live comfortably, but not to be too much. Thanks for stopping by!

Special thanks to Stefano Vita for use of his music in the audio recording.